16 MARCH 2020

PUBLIC HEALTH UPDATE - Monday 16 March 2020

Thank you to SportWest members who have kindly provided information on their management of the impacts of the ever-changing public health advice.

We welcome this information and likewise invite other members to share with SportWest the advice being provided to your members about the continuation or commencement of community-based competitions/events.  The media has provided ongoing commentary in relation to many of the national competitions.

While it’s important for each SportWest member to assess the environments for their sport and make responsible public health decisions relating to community gatherings, the collection of the current status of sport collectively is most helpful.  We understand decision-making will remain fluid as public health updates are provided and some organisations will recommend actions based on nationally agreed approaches.

As previously shared, the guidance for your actions includes:

Please forward any related communications to .

If you think SportWest can assist you in any way as we progress collectively to deal with this international health challenge, please make contact.