29 APRIL 2020


SportWest has received member enquiries relating to recent COVID-19 announcements and general information from the Commonwealth and State governments. The messages coming from our governments appear more encouraging as the health data improves and trends positively.

In acknowledging people’s enthusiasm and desire to return to their preferred sports, SportWest attempts to clarify the current and evolving status for Western Australia. Our Closure and Restriction Directions (No 2) have moved from 2 people to a maximum of 10, but there is still strict compliance with social distancing requirements – people need to stay 1.5 metres apart and a minimum of 4 square metres per person.  A frequently asked questions page is available on the WA Government website on the cautious easing of restrictions.

National Cabinet meets this Friday and we expect statements from the Prime Minister and Premier to follow. It appears that sport is on the agenda.

From last week National Cabinet agreed that the AHPPC (Australian Health Protection Principal Committee) will develop, for consideration, key principles for the recommencement of community and professional sport, and recreational activities.

Like the broader communities of WA, sport has been very responsible in observing the public health directed guidelines despite the challenging impacts.

SportWest congratulates Members and highly recommends we collectively stay committed to ensure we don’t risk reversing the impending reactivation.

Please continue to responsibly follow our State’s health and hygiene guidelines so we emerge smoothly and build our resilience for an active future. We should ensure we are aligned with government directives and are not seeking to get around them.  This will allow sport to maintain an influential leadership role within our communities.

At any time please feel comfortable to contact us relating to the above and any other sport-related matters.  We’ll endeavour to keep you fully informed as the reactivation status continues to evolve.

Please keep well, remain patient and committed.